Best NFT Projects to Buy 2023

9 best nft projects for 2022

The idea of turning your digital art into NFT has become a real trend right now. The world of digital art is expanding every minute with new NFT creators who develop unique digital assets used in a virtual world and web 3.0 platforms. If you have never heard about NFT art, you might be living in a shell. But don’t worry, as we are here to turn the situation around.

Read this article to understand what NFT is itself and why it is so popular. We will also give you a list of the best NFTs to buy in 2023 and how to use the NFT marketplace.

TOP 9 NFTs to Buy Right Now (2023)

So with knowing all the essentials about NFT projects, it is time to look at the NFT market to find the best deals. We have formed a list for you of the best NFT art projects to buy in 2023. They are considered a good, reliable, and easy to make investment for everyone.

Crypto baristas NFTs

Have you ever thought of an idea about opening a cafe funded by NFT projects? 1 NFT drop of this project featured 60 unique tokens, which granted their owners special capabilities.

The cafe itself is called Coffee bros, and you will be rewarded a lifetime discount at this establishment if owning crypto baristas NFT.

The goal of crypto baristas developers is to build a friendly community of like-minded people who like coffee and modern technologies. The main point of their roadmap is to open an actual coffee shop in New York City, which will become home to innovative coffee lovers.

Invisible friends NFT collection

Markus Magnusson created a rather popular NFT collection based on the Ethereum blockchain. This NFT project features five thousand different invisible friends, best animated by a Swedish artist.

This is one of the NFT collections worth buying just because of its interesting design. But this NFT project is in high demand among the community and managed to be sold for 6.8 million dollars in 24 hours. The project’s relevance is also proven by more than 500000 subscribers on the project’s Twitter account.

Markus Magnusson says that this project is for people who have a kid’s heart and who wanna have fun on the internet. That is how the creator of this popular NFT project described its potential owners.

Bored ape yacht club collection

That’s another NFT project created on the Ethereum blockchain and one of the most popular and best NFT tokens in 2022. There are more than 10000 bored ape NFTs out there at the moment, and they are stored as ERC tokens.

The main feature of the bored ape yacht club collection is that every NFT owner is allowed to enter a special yacht club. It serves as the membership card, opening many benefits to its owners. NFT holders are also allowed at a “Bathroom Wall,” a virtual graffiti board.

Rando NFT collection

Rando NFT is the Yubo most anticipated NFT project and also its first one. This new NFT project features 10000 pixel art characters, benefiting Yubo streaming platform users.

The perks given to these NFTs owners are:

  • A special status.
  • A golden hexagon frame.
  • A verified checkmark.
  • An owner status tag.

You can also send your NFTs as a pixel to friends or favorite streamers. Yubo says that they will provide more and more perks to owners of their NFTs.

To better understand this NFT project, you can visit their website with a roadmap and other vital info.

Zed Run NFT

Zed Run is an NFT game platform allowing its owners to take part in a horse run. You can breed the horses and use their bloodlines to get yourself the fastest animal on the entire platform.

You can spend your money on expanding stables and breeding horses. The platform features a unique market where you can sell and purchase horses. There is a special attribute system showing the capabilities of the horse. If you are able to acquire a strong horse, it may be sold for a ton of money. Thus, this NFT platform can be not just a hobby but a great way to earn money online.

Doodles NFT

Burnt Toast designed 10000 interesting images made up of visual traits. Every doodle is hand-drawn and features different creatures, including monsters, aliens, and humans.

Possession of Doodle NFT allows voting on the future activities and experiences, which are paid for by a community treasury. Owners of this NFT can also be members of special events and activities.

The total market cap of the Doodle NFTs is around 334 million dollars, with 4976 owners of the asset at the moment.

Axie infinity NFTs

Axie Infinity is a crypto game where millions of NFTs already taking part in the battles. The game reminds a popular Japanese show called “Pokemon,” where people would need to catch extraordinary creatures to use them in fights. The same with Axie Infinite, but the creatures you get are real non-fungible tokens, which you can sell for money. They are called Axies and look like colorful, fantastic animals.

Users can also breed their Axies to create new ones, sell them, or use them. You can also buy an Axie NFT and then try to breed them, which will result in a profit.

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is a Minecraft-like metaverse space where players can roam around, build stuff, and enjoy other activities. To start building your own world, you need to become an owner of the NFT.

A developer gives you a map consisting of blocks, which you can turn into any piece of art you want. After that, it is up to you what to turn your NFT into. It can be a game, a place for concerts, speeches, or just a hang-out location. Or maybe you want to start one of your new NFT projects by building a large castle and then sell it for a ton.

CloneX NFT

CloneX is a collection of non-fungible tokens in the amount of 20000. These tokens are 3D unique 3D models created by Takashi Murakami and RTFKT. Developers aim to create high-end 3D models, which owners can use in the metaverses, creating an entire ecosystem for the community.

You can use Clones (3D models) anywhere you want, including games, metaverses, cartoons, videos, and more. In addition, you can get yourself wearables used to customize your Clones. RTKFT and creators drop collections of clothes from time to time. Owners of the CloneX NFT are allowed to participate in a unique ecosystem and CloneX-only experiences. Owners can also forge an item worn by the Clone and get rewarded with it in real life.

Why should you buy NFT projects in 2023?

Purchase of NFT art is an exciting and fresh way to invest in 2023. There are many reasons why people invest in the NFT industry. Reselling NFT is an obvious and profitable craft for NFT owners. If you are an experienced reseller, you can foresee a future of your NFT and make a profit out of it. It is not rare to see price tags for popular projects continue to rise over time.

In addition, NFT purchase is entirely safe due to the blockchain technology. It utilizes a highly encrypted connected blocks system with stored data, and NFT space becomes safe and reliable.

NFT sales and getting into the NFT community might also be an excellent method for a person to get familiar with web 3.0 technologies and how they work. NFT community is a place of like-minded NFT collectors where people share their ideas and thoughts about NFT tokens and new technologies. Thus, you can learn about smart contracts, decentralized networks, and blockchain technology there.

NFT Definition

Many of the artists have stumbled upon a banal yet worrying problem. How not to get your digital art stolen if you want to post it online? Blockchain technology became a perfect solution to this problem.

A community of like-minded people who know the principles and main languages of web 3.0 come up with an idea to create a unique signature for a piece of digital art. That is how an NFT project is created. A person makes art projects to buy and gives them a unique digital signature.

NFT projects contain all the vital information like their owner’s name, transactions they underwent, and much more.

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which means you can’t part it like other fungible currencies. You can’t take an NFT project and cut it in half, unlike two bitcoins (you are going to get two separate tokens). Every NFT project is a unique digital asset, unlike crypto.

Those factors make an NFT projects stand out from other web 3.0 digital assets, and the NFT market is quite unique. While the cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, NFT projects can’t be like that cause each one of them is a separate piece of art.


We hope that this guide helped you get familiar with what NFT project for 2023 might become an interesting purchase. As there are so many 2023 new NFT drops, investors must know the NFT subject and its trends. So look out for the best NFT projects and make good investments!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT?

NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset representing a piece of unique art which can be a game, music, or drawing.

Why would you invest in NFT?

NFTs are rapidly taking over the world with the web 3.0 spread. Soon NFTs will become one of the most popular types of digital assets.

Top 3 NFTs to invest in?

We consider Doodles NFTs, Invisible friends NFTs, and CloneX NFTs the best to invest in 2023.

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