Certik vs. Hacken Comparison

Certik vs. Hacken Comparison

The appearance of decentralized applications instantly has changed the entire digital system. To date, we have witnessed numerous developments and revolutionized business models coming to reality and emerging with blockchain infrastructure. And as the necessity and demand for such blockchain-based solutions continue to expand its territories and borders, the need for high-tier cybersecurity services and smart contract audits has also grown significantly. 

The Hacken vs. Certik comparison draws its footnotes directly from such security discussions, as the number of people wondering which of these two options is the best security provider is constantly increasing. 

To ease your work, we created a detailed Hacken vs. Certik comparison that can help you determine the key differences between the two companies and then choose the best one based on their unique features and services.

Hacken Review 

Hacken is a Ukrainian-based cybersecurity firm specializing primarily in blockchain security services. In addition to smart contracts auditing, Hacken’s digital communications platform provides a suite of different services and products for a better client experience, including CER.live, HackenAi, and HackenProof. 

Its security auditing process includes manual code review and automatic testing, resulting in audit reports detailing the results and whether their recommendations were resolved. 

Furthermore, Hacken’s security team has performed audits for well-known companies and projects such as Kyber Network, Goose Finance, RAMP DeFi, and others. 

Hacken Services 

Hacken conducts various services, including mobile/web penetration testing, blockchain security consulting, crypto exchange rankings, bug bounty programs coordination, etc. Moreover, alongside blockchain security targeted services, Hacken’s ecosystem encompasses security systems and products ideal for IT companies and firms, becoming a security-first technology provider in the market. 

Furthermore, Hacken has proven its dedicated support to the blockchain economy by sponsoring security experts worldwide for receiving external accreditation and engaging in different training, documentation, webinars, etc.

Certik Review 

Certik is a well-known cybersecurity service provider like Hacken. Since its existence, the company has cross-examined more than 1800 major projects, gaining a significant reputation among the digital community members. Some popular projects audited by Certik’s service teams include OKEx, Binance Smart Chain, Safemoon, and Terra.

Furthermore, Certik uses high-end machine learning mechanisms to ensure the security of the crypto project or blockchain protocol. 

Certik Services

The core feature and security service that Certik provides is a formal verification technology that mathematically validates the security of smart contracts and decentralized projects. 

Other digital outfits that the platform audits are cryptocurrency wallets, Web3 apps, crypto exchanges, DeFi apps, etc., making them an essential and indispensable tool for securing crypto assets.

Moreover, Certik also has a native token known as CTK with a market cap of $70 million that people can use for different transactions. 

Hacken vs. Certik: Which One is Better?

As you can see, Certik and Hacken are two giants in the crypto industry with world-class enterprise infrastructure focusing primarily on blockchain security. The critical difference between them is that Certik mainly handles smart contracts, decentralized apps, and blockchain protocols. At the same time, the Hacken platform has a more general application and can easily be used to discover bugs and vulnerabilities in any suggested software, crypto, or app.

To sum up, both companies are well-versed in securing projects and crypto assets, and their features and services are parallel in terms of productivity and quality. Moreover, both of them have their own coins used for various transactions. They just have slightly different approaches and applications, and choosing the most suitable option depends on specific project requirements and goals.

Introduction To Blockchain Security Audits

It’s no secret that blockchain is considered one of the top-level and secure digital environments possible through multiple core components such as blockchain protocols, smart contracts, and digital wallets. However, digital infrastructure security has become a top priority for businesses because of the increasing number of recent hacks and data exploits. And it’s where security audits come in handy: they help identify all possible vulnerabilities and flaws of the security system through systematic manual analysis and threat intelligence tools. 

Simply put, comprehensive smart contract audits allow companies to prevent cyber attacks, vulnerability exploits, and other potential threats that may result in data leaks or loss of users’ digital assets. 

As a result, the digital industry gives birth to various audit companies and firms, which makes cybersecurity accessible to business sectors of any size.

FAQ Section 

What is a crypto audit?

If in a few words, a crypto audit is a comprehensive assessment of a blockchain to ensure that recorded transactions within a ledger are correct and complete. A proper crypto audit helps find current security issues and solve them in no time.

What are the best tools for enhancing business security?

Along with basic security measures you can take, multiple useful platforms and tools can provide you with an additional layer of protection for your products. Here are some of them:

ContractZen: It’s an effective corporate governance software to manage communications and corporate records and ensure a due diligence readiness for meetings. The platform’s key services include; advanced contract management, board meeting management, and virtual data rooms.
MEW: It’s an open cloud platform designed for generating Ethereum wallets and more. MEW provides a client-side interface that you can use to interact with Ethereum or any other supported blockchain. 
CallTrackingMetrics: The only SaaS platform using conversion intelligence, smart routing options, and call tracking features to unify communications is perhaps CallTrackingMetrics. Due to its smart features and live chat tools, the open-source platform provides a more personalized customer experience. For example, you can use this tool to find which marketing campaigns are generating leads to power your contact center automation.
Tatum: It’s a unified framework for over 40 protocols and assets. It can be an excellent tool for simplifying the development process by integrating the blockchain directly into the Javascript Backend even without previous blockchain experience. Tatum also provides a command-line interface and open-source key management system for securing private keys and interacting with blockchains. You can access its infrastructure through REST API and unified commands across all blockchains.
Assessment Generator: This tool can become handy for creating assessments and surveys in multiple categories via automated scoring. Assessment Generator supports customers and gives them customized feedback: you can modify user feedback based on the score. Moreover, you can easily identify qualified candidates from the major email clients list and engage with them through assessments.

How much does a crypto audit cost?

Depending on the project’s complexity, scope, and specifics, the price for crypto audits can range from $5000 to $20000.

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